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Hospitality becomes art.

Giardino is a place where art, nature and hospitality meet in harmony.

Opera d'arte dell'hotel Giardino
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From via Regina Street, it is not easy to imagine what is hidden behind our ancient wooden door.
As you enter you will discover a wonderful indoor garden, surrounded by the greenery and the colors of flowers.


Giardino for us is passion, dedication, love of work, hospitality, experience and professionalism.


In us there is the soul of an hotel restaurant pizzeria that believes itself to be an art gallery, and when you are led by an unconventional Director, you cannot but be amazed by what you expect and what you cannot even imagine...


Let yourself be guided by the magic and beauty of Lake Como, let yourself be carried away and every moment spent in these beautiful places will become a precious memory.

Una delle opere d'arte dell'hotel Giardino
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