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Uno dei dolci della cucina di Giardino Hotel

Restaurant & Pizzeria

From art
to food.

You will be surrounded by works of art, designer pieces and musical rarities from a very personal collection of our Director... that's how we want you to enjoy your time, we take care of the rest.
This is how the spirit of our Restaurant Pizzeria was born, in an ongoing sharing and collaboration.

We select only the highest quality ingredients and the freshest products. Every recipe is curated and studied by our Staff, so that the kitchen is dressed in taste and the pizzeria has a gourmet touch.

Starting with the beautiful spring days, it is a pleasure to eat outdoors, surrounded by nature.
Discover our constantly updated menu for a unique dining experience and be tempted by our Cantina.

We choose only the best labels to accompany the dishes prepared by our Chef.

Photographs by Modestino Tozzi

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